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B&B Villa Venezia - just 15 minutes from Venice, offering quality rooms, relax and fun in a calm area. A strategic departure point for discovering the beautiful places of the Veneto Region. Easy to reach: nearest highway and railway station.

Venice 4 star hotels -  a selection of great 4 star hotels in Venice, with the possibility to book them directly saving on intermediation costs!





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Puerto Rico and Caribbean:


Elsewhere around the world:


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Puerto Rico Government Agencies:
Gobierno de Puerto Rico
Departamento de Educacion
Departamento de Hacienda
Departamento de Estado
Departamento de Justicia
Departamento de Ayuda del Consumidor DACO
Departamento de Transportacion y Obras Publicas
Departamento del Trabajo y Recursos Humanos
US State Department
Comicion Estatal de Elecciones
Comisionado de Municipalidades
Oficina del Controlador
Autoridad de Energia Electrica
Administracion de Reglamentos y Permisos ARPE
Instituto de Cultura Puertorriquena
Autoridad Metropolitana de Autobuses
Social Security Administration

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Title: Playa Azul Luquillo Puerto Rico
URL: http://www.playaazulpr.com 
Description: An ideal vacation and retirement community on the beach with a directory of vacation rentals, lodgings, restaurants, and properties for sale, in Luquillo, Rio Grande, Fajardo and neighboring towns.


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