Saint Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church
979 Avenue C - Bayonne, New Jersey 07002 (201) 436-2222   Fax:(201) 437-5235
Founded 1894
New Jersey and National Register of Historic Places
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Holy Week Photos
April 9-16, 2017

Palm Sunday - Celebrated on Saturday April 8 during the 6:30pm Spanish Mass

Holy Thursday - The Supper of Our Lord and Institution of the Mass

Holy Friday and Veneration of the Cross

(the 2 photos below) This happened in our Church on Good Friday during the veneration of the Cross, as the people walked to the front to kiss the Cross, this elderly parishioner walked very slowly on her frail knees from the vestibule all the way to the Cross.  She said it was a promise of sacrifice she was offering for the health of her loved ones.  Everyone in Church just waited patiently and with a heavy heart full of piety for her sacrifice until she was able to get to the Altar to complete her promise. Please note on the left photo how she falls behind and can't keep up with the pace of the people.  I can say that things are changing for the better and at a rapid pace in our Church for the Glory of God the Father.  Lord have mercy on us!

Holy Saturday - Easter Vigil

Easter Sunday Egg Hunt

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