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The Saint Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen Ministry wishes to recognize Irene Padre and Angie Pimentel and the SimbangGabi Group for their hard work and enthusiasm for the Zumba Dance fundraiser that raised $1075.00 that will go a long way to help the Soup Kitchen Ministry continue their work of mercy of feeding the hungry in our community. This contribution of $1075 couldn't have come at a better time; the last 3 contributions to the Soup Kitchen were $17, $20, and $150.   Thank you and may our Lord bless you abundantly always!


The Soup Kitchen (SK) Ministry and the entire parish including Frs. Sergio and Hermes ought to feel good, deserve a pat on their backs, and a big THANK YOU for a job well done with the First Meal on Thu May 18. We were able to successfully overcome and for the first time prepare and serve a delicious meal for the few poor and hungry of our community that came to eat. We learned a lot and this first experience is what we need to continue this ministry as part of our responsibility to take care of those in need of a meal. We can do it; yes we can! All of us, in many ways, went out of our ways to bring this endeavor to fruition and although we may have lacked practical experience in some areas like publicity and outreach there are some among us that deserve our special gratitude for going far and beyond to complete their commitments. I have to single out the following volunteers for this special recognition: Dolores Trasande and Susana Rosado for visiting and following up with the bakeries and picking up and bringing to the table more than enough fresh and delicious bread; Barbara Sherry for the beautiful table cloths and most important for keeping us focused on kindness and compassion towards one another and more so towards our guests; and a big Thank You to our chef Jose and his family and the kitchen volunteers for keeping the kitchen in top shape.
We must also be thankful and pray for all the parishioners that without their ongoing cash donations we would not be able to maintain this ministry.  We also want to thank businesses like PC Richards, Judicke Bakery, Paulanto Bakery, and Altamura Bakery, and the Gary La Pelusa Association for their contributions.
This was just the beginning, let’s be thankful to God Almighty, and let’s go forward to continue serving the poor and hungry. Our next meal will be served on June 15 at 6:PM. Let’s not waste any time and begin promoting it right away to attract those in need like veterans, senior citizens, the homeless, the working poor, etc. We must also form a committee that will be responsible for the logistics of handling/distributing any left over food; with emphasis on packaging individual portions and bringing it to Senior Citizen and Handicap buildings, the shut in that can not make it to the SK, the homeless on the streets in areas like, Journal Square, MLK Drive, and Ocean Avenue, etc.
Thank you Lord for this privilege you bestow upon us to serve the poor, please forgive us and have mercy on us, guide us to do better next time, for everything we do; we do for the good of Your Holy church; Saint Vincent de Paul, pray for us!

Soup Kitchen Ministry - The Soup Kitchen Ministry will begin fulfilling its "mission to SERVE the poor and hungry in our community as did our patron, Saint Vincent de Paul, unconditionally with dignity and hospitality for all" with the INAUGURAL FIRST MEAL on May 18th. The first menu will be Ziti with meat balls, green salad, bread and butter, and desert; we plan to start serving our guests at 6:PM.  This is a parish endeavor that every parishioner can join that will make us all feel good about “feed my sheep”.  You can help with volunteering your time and/or donating whatever you can.  We are in need of disposable paper products for serving food including utensils, napkins, and towels; CASH donations are very much needed to purchase food. Please make check payable to ST. VINCENT DE PAUL SOUP KITCHEN, write "Soup Kitchen donation" in memo line, and give to Fr. Sergio or Fr. Hermes or place it in a sealed envelope clearly marked SOUP KITCHEN and drop in the collection basket during Mass. God bless you!
Ministerio del Soup Kitchen - El ministerio del Soup Kitchen comenzara a cumplir con su "misión de SERVIRLE a los pobres y hambrientos de nuestra comunidad como lo hizo nuestro patrón, San Vicente de Paúl, incondicionalmente con dignidad y hospitalidad para todos" con la Primera Comida Inaugural el 18 de Mayo. El primer menú consiste de Ziti con albóndigas de carne, ensalada verde, pan con mantequilla, y postre; empezaremos a servirle a nuestros huéspedes a las 6:PM.  Este es un esfuerzo de toda la parroquia en el que todos podemos participar y que nos hará sentir bien al  cumplir con “alimenta mis ovejas”.  Usted puede ayudar como voluntario y/o donando lo que usted pueda.  Necesitamos productos de papel desechables para servir comidas incluyendo utensilios, servilletas, y toallas; donativos en EFECTIVO pueden ser con cheques pagaderos a ST. VINCENT DE PAUL SOUP KITCHEN, escribir "Soup Kitchen donation" en memo line, y dárselos a Padres Sergio o Hermes o puestos en un sobre blanco sellado y claramente marcado "SOUP KITCHEN" y depositarlo en el canasto de la colecta de la Misa. ¡Dios los bendiga!

Contributions are tax deductible and very much needed.
Please make checks payable to St. Vincent Church Soup Kitchen and mail to:
Father Sergio Nadres
St. Vincent de Paul Church
979 Avenue C
Bayonne, NJ 07002
The Soup Kitchen Ministry wants you to know that every dollar you specifically donate for the Soup Kitchen will be strictly used to purchase the food that will be served to the poor and hungry. The Soup Kitchen has no administrative expenses or facility costs; you have our guarantee that 100% of your contribution will be used to provide meals for the poor and hungry.  Without your monetary help we wouldn't be able to provide this charitable work. We will acknowledge your contribution and send you a tax deductible receipt; please email us your name, address, and the amount of the contribution so that we can send you the receipt.  Please remind us if we fail to mail you an official acknowledgement.  We will annually make a report of contributions received and the costs of feeding the poor and hungry.
God and Saint Vincent LOVES YOU!  Thank you!

Volunteers Honor Roll
Barbara Sherry, has exceeded all levels of volunteerism and is recognized as such, including genorous contributions
Linda Kocha, volunteer work and donated her 50/50 winning jackpot of $165
Dolores Trasande and Susana Rosado have gone out canvasing businesses and have obtained promises from 3 local bakeries to provide the bread
Renato Uva visited Stop and Shop and Walmart with a positive response from Stop and Shop
Cookie Hurley prepared flyer and contated BCN for free publicity on the last two issues of the newspaper

Their commitment and hard work is a testament of real love that exemplifies the desire of many volunteers to overcome the obstacles before us to make this happen in honor of Saint Vincent. That is precisely what 'God in the flesh' meant when He said "Take up your cross and follow me". The "cross" being the obstacles and hard work before us that we must overcome and the "follow me" is the recompense for serving and feeding the least among us. Thank you to all volunteers; this wouldn't be possible without your help and generosity.


Saint Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen MISSION STATEMENT
Our Mission is to SERVE the poor and hungry in our community
as did our patron, Saint Vincent de Paul, unconditionally with dignity and hospitality for all

Empowering the poor, elderly, and homeless
of Hudson County, NJ
through free legal counsel, representation, and referrals.
The Waterfront Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization.  Donations are tax deductible.  We also welcome law professionals willing to volunteer their time to help people in need.  Please contact Elizabeth F. Caraballo, Esq. at for more info on how you can help.

Please consider that now you can give to your church online anytime 24X7

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Individuals who report an allegation of sexual misconduct may do so by calling the Victim's Assistance Coordinator of the Archdiocesan Office of Child and Youth Protection at (201) 407-3256.
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